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After her hair appointment the other day (click here to see her hair), we had cravings for a filling ‘late’ brunch. We had a whole list of places to go, and we wanted to slowly tick them all off – starting with Bar 9.


For drinks, he had the Iced Filtered Coffee and she had the 24 hour brewed Iced Tea. It was actually quite a warm day and so these drinks were so refreshing! His coffee in particular had a nice bitterness to it which he loves in his coffees.



For brunch he had the Runciman’s breakfast (otherwise known as the breakfast for champions!) with a side of avocado. It was your typical big breakfast, with bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, and tomato on top of toast. However, the one thing that made this better than your ordinary big breakfast is the rocket and parmesan cheese that they garnished on top. He loved the presentation of the dish, especially how the bacon was rolled up as opposed to being laid flat on the plate.



She had the Home Baked Bean & Chorizo on toast with a side of avocado. The first bite was so good (maybe she was just so hungry) as it was full of flavour. There wasn’t one bite that was bland and boring. However, towards the end of her dish, she did get sick of beans but lucky he was there to finish it for her (cause he’s an animal). The best part of this dish was definitely the Chorizo, it had just the right amount of saltiness to balance out the beans.


As you can see, we enjoyed it very much. If you’re in Adelaide, South Australia, definitely check out Bar 9!

His and her rating: 8/10

What’s your favourite thing to eat for brunch? 
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