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On a cold and wet night, there is nothing better than indulging in comfort food and warming ourselves up with a glass of wine. We had set our minds on having an Italian feast, but sadly our favourite restaurant was undergoing renovations. If it weren’t for the recommendation by a sales assistant, we never would’ve tried Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante.

From a distance, Amalfi looked like a small dingy restaurant. It was hard to spot and we doubted whether or not we should choose another restaurant. But the sales assistant was very convincing, so we decided to give it a go. We were surprised that such a small restaurant was fully booked out, but fortunately we were able to get 90 minutes to dine since it was still early in the night. Upon entering, we were surprised to see how cosy the atmosphere was. It looked like a traditional Italian family had turned their home into a restaurant. All the staff were so very friendly, and welcomed us with big smiles.

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There were several types of dishes to choose from on the menu, but not too much that it was overwhelming. The most important part of the menu were the mains to choose from which consisted of pizzas, pastas, risotto, and a range of other types of meats and seafood cooked in Italian style.

We were under the pump with our time restraint and so we both picked the first thing that appealed to us: Amatriciana and Zingarella.

  • Amatriciana (left): spaghetti pancetta onion capsicum peas chicken stock chilli garlic basil. Main: $25.00 Entree $21.00
  • Zingarella (right): linguini capsicum onion broccoli basil prawns chilli honey butter stock sauce. Main: $28.50 Entree $26.50

Amalfi's 21:7:15


We had our mains with a side of salad and topped with generous amounts of parmesan and chilli oil. Both pastas were cooked al dente and the flavour perfectly coated each strand. The one thing she liked about the Amatriciana was the fact that the amount of vegetables and pancetta were equal and in proportion with the pasta. Often some restaurants have very little meat and vegetables accompanying the pasta. The sauce was not overpowering and you could taste only a hint of garlic. The main thing that enhanced the flavours in this dish was the saltiness of the pancetta which balanced out the flavours of this spectacular dish.

One thing he loved about his dish, the Zingarella, were the generous amount of prawns! Prawns are quite expensive, and in most Italian restaurants they only serve on average 3 prawns per dish. However it felt like Amalfi’s sole focus was pleasing their customers with their generosity. The prawns were very fresh and not at all rubbery. There was no need for him to proportion the ingredients on his plate and the chef had already perfected it. He has never been to Italy, so he wouldn’t know how traditional this dish was, but who cares, the dish tasted great! The pasta was coated in honey giving off a sweet kick to the dish. The sauce was quite creamy but it was not sickening, nor was it watery. The broccoli was not over cooked and still had that crunch, complimenting the dish. It was so good she ate all his broccoli.

Overall, we very impressed with Amalfi and feel guilty that we had doubts about this restaurant at first sight. If you’re feeling like pasta and want to taste some creative dishes, definitely give Amalfi a go. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

His and her rating: 8.25/10
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