It’s a tradition that every time we go to Sydney, we have to go to Din Tai Fung at World Square and without a doubt, we order the same dishes. Call us boring but trust us, when you try these dishes, you won’t want to try anything else on the menu.


He says that these beans are the best beans he’s ever tasted, describing it as crispy on the outside but tender and juicy with every bite. The minced pork complements the beans and both the pork and beans are coated equally with flavour. This cucumber salad in vinaigrette dressing is pretty average but they go perfectly with the shrimp and pork wonton in spicy sauce (photo below).


The shrimp and pork wonton in spicy sauce is her all-time favourite dish at Din Tai Fung. Regardless of how numb her tongue gets from the chilli, she still goes for every last bite, including the sauce. But not to worry, that’s where the cucumber salad comes in handy, balancing out the tanginess from the spicy sauce. (Note: this isn’t for the light hearted.)

His favourite dish was the pork dumplings. At first it looks just like any ordinary dumpling, but oh man don’t be fooled by its appearance. The first bite will bring you to instant mouthgasm. The dumplings were filled with minced pork and broth. Yes you heard it, broth! He was shocked at how well the dumplings were constructed, so delicately crafted but with mouthfuls of flavour! It was hands down the best dumplings he had ever tasted. For those of you who are reading this, be warned, after trying these dumplings no dumplings will ever satisfy your taste buds again! If you ever get the chance to try these dumplings, make sure you use a spoon to support the dumplings from underneath, since the pastry is quite thin and can break easily.


Just to make sure all these flavours were not overwhelming, we also got a Fried Rice with shrimp to accompany the dumplings and beans. To be honest, there was nothing exciting about the rice, we just so used to eating rice everyday so we couldn’t go without it.

His and her rating: 9/10

Let us know below what your favourite dish is at Din Tai Fung, or if there’s any other place that is just as good! 

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