From black to blonde

When you finally want to change your hair colour, finding the right hairdresser can be difficult. You’re spending so much money so of course, you want to make sure it turns out the way you want. I came across a certain hairdresser on Instagram (hairbybec) and I instantly knew I had found the right person. When I had my consultation, she told me we wouldn’t be able to get to blonde on the first go. It had to take several appointments. Finally, after five appointments over a span of six months, I’ve finally gotten to the hair colour I wanted.

Hair 1

There are a few things I’ve learnt from this experience:

  • Firstly, if you want to keep your hair relatively healthy, you need to be prepared to spend the extra money. I was given a few quotes where I would be able to reach my target hair colour in one session for approximately $250AUD. However, I chose the long method and did it over several sessions so that I wasn’t ‘killing’ my hair. Sadly each session, I was spending around $200 – $300 AUD. Now multiply that by five.
  • Secondly, you’re going to go through a stage when you have ‘orange’ hair (this applies mostly to virgin asian hair). The first time I lightened my ends, my god, I had orange hair. It was horrible. It looked like a colour gone wrong. But like I mentioned, this is only common with asian hair that has never been coloured before.
  • Thirdly, it takes lots of maintenance. I use purple shampoo to prevent the ‘brassiness’, and I also go into the salon every two weeks for toners ($50AUD).

Hair 2

Although it’s a long and very expensive process, I highly recommend taking the longer method as it really does keep the hair healthy. Yes, I know it’s a lot of money but trust me, it’s all worth it! I have strangers coming up to me complimenting my hair and asking where I get it done all the time. And the best part, my hair is still so soft and there’s no breakage, even after colouring it five times.

Have you had a similar hair experience? Let me know below. 

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