How to order a bottle of wine

When a gentleman hosts a dinner at a restaurant, he may order a bottle of wine of his choice or one recommended by his companion, as long as he can comfortably afford it.

When it comes to matching wine and food, it really comes down to personal taste. The easiest way to choose wine is to think of wine as a sauce, and try to match the sauce with the weight and flavours of the dish.
Generally, red wine goes well with red meat, pasta dishes with tomato sauce, and most heavy entrees. Whereas white wine accompanies dishes such as fish, chicken, salads, and pasta dishes with light sauces. As mentioned before, this guide to wine is only a mere recommendation and not to be taken too seriously.

I, for one, don’t necessarily choose my wine based on what I’m eating. I generally tend to enjoy drinking cabernet sauvignon even if it doesn’t complement the dish. If you’re unsure of what wine to drink, my suggestion is to ask the waiter what their recommendations are.

When a host has chosen his wine, the server will present the wine, displaying the label to the host. The server will than hand him the cork, so that the host can see that it is not too dry.

The server will then pour a sip of wine in the host’s glass. The host will then give a quick taste test, and if he approves, he allows the server to pour it for his guest and then for himself.

If the host has chosen white wine, than the server will place the bottle in a cooler beside the dinner table. But if the host chooses red wine than the server will place the bottle on the table. When the glass needs refilling, the gentleman may wait for the server to return to refill, or he may do it himself.
Question: Do you tend to pick your wine based on what you are eating? Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “How to order a bottle of wine

  1. That’s a helpful guide 🙂 I usually drink white wine not matter what I am eating, as I just like it better. Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite, but sometimes I like to try out others.

    1. I glad you liked the post Kia! Yeah there’s a general guide for wine & food but it’s not mandatory. As long as you enjoy your wine with whatever you’re eating, then that is all that matters!

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