When to wear a button-down collar?

Brooks Brothers introduced the button-down collar to America in 1896. The style was invented for sporting purposes as the traditional collar points were causing a distraction to athletes, slapping them in the face when performing.

via Brooks Brothers

The American business community implemented the sporting style into their fashion. However it is still considered a more sporting style, where traditionally dressed men outside America do not wear suits with a button-down collar.

via Brooks Brothers

When a gentleman requires wearing a dress shirt with no tie, a button-down collar can be considered as his best alternative.  Though if the occasion commences after five o’clock in the evening and a gentleman wishes to wear a tie, he should choose a traditional button-less model over the button-down collar.

via Brooks Brothers

Overall the button-down collar is considered less formal than a straight collar. For those who want to look smart and refined without appearing overdressed, I highly recommend the button-down collar.

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