It was a seedy Sunday and we were after a good grub and so we decided to try a restaurant we’ve never eaten at before, Chopstix. It’s a cosy little restaurant located on a main street, owned by a lovely vietnamese family. The atmosphere was so inviting and because we were able to communicate to the owner in Vietnamese, it made dining at this restaurant that much better.

Chopstix 1

(Salt and Pepper Tofu)

This was our first dish and boy, was it good! It had the perfect amount of salt, and there was this crisp crunch to the tofu. There was so much garlic and dried shallot on top and this tasted so good when mixed with rice. For those who are vegetarians, we would highly recommend this dish!

Chopstix 3

(Char-grilled sweet chilli chicken)

This next dish was super sweet and salty, there was so much flavour that it was a bit overwhelming when eaten alone. However, eating it with plain white rice just balanced it all out. There was also lots of sauce and so the chicken didn’t dry out, in fact, it was perfectly cooked.

Chopstix 2

(Green curry with barramundi)

This was her favourite dish because of the amount of vegetables! The sauce also tasted amazing. There was a variety of vegetables so the dish wasn’t boring. The sauce was very creamy and had this salty kick to it which also tasted very good with plain white rice. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we choose our dishes based on what goes really well with white rice! It’s different to the normal green curries you usually get at thai restaurants as this definitely had a vietnamese twist to it, and that’s one reason why she loved it so much! He, however, found the dish to be enjoyable but not overly amazing. He preferred the traditional Thai green curry because there is more soup to the dish rather than minimal soup with lots of vegetables. The fish was not proportional to the amount of vegetables too. His advice is to mix the food before eating because a lot of the fish was hidden underneath the vegetables.

Chopstix 4

(Hokkien Noodles)

Lastly, we had the noodles. For those who can’t handle salt, this isn’t the dish for you. These noodles were super salty as each strand of noodle was coated in lots of sauce. Thank god we love our salt so we totally loved this dish! Hokkien noodles tend to be dry, but this dish did not dry out for the whole 45 minutes we were there. They were delicious!

His and her rating: 7/10

What is your favourite Vietnamese dish?

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