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Looking for a product that keeps your makeup on all day/night? Looking for a product that can freshen up your face throughout the day? This is the product for you, because not only does it help prime and fix your face throughout the day, it can also be used to emphasise the colours of your shadows too!

This product has been around for a while, but I only got around to purchasing it a few months ago and my god, I am in love! It has been my holy grail product! It literally keeps my makeup on all day, and helps take away the dryness from my skin. I spray it all over my face after I’ve finished my makeup in the morning, and then I spray once or twice throughout the day, and I kid you not, my makeup will look exactly the same as it did that morning. You can also spray it before applying your foundation to prime your face, and this helps give a dewy finish. This product is so good I had to go buy a mini size to keep in my bag.


left to right: Travel size (30ml), Full size (100ml)

It’s definitely worth the money, for $27 AUD, you get 100ml. I personally think that’s super affordable. The pump is also very easy to use, and I love how every spritz gives a light spray. It doesn’t feel like those other spray bottles where too much liquid ends up coming out. Each spray lets out the same amount of product so it’s easy to coat your whole face evenly. The smaller bottle is a little pricier as $15 only gets you 30ml. However, it’s definitely more convenient to carry around the small one in your bag and if you’ve got a big bottle, you can just refill it instead of buying another small one.

Another thing I like to do with this spray is to foil my eyeshadows which helps intensify the colour. Below, you can see the difference between using a dry brush (left swatch), and using a brush that has been sprayed with MAC Prep + Prime Fix (right swatch). You can see it intensifies the colour more, and it also helps the eyeshadow set better. I like to do this with my glitter shadows because it helps emphasise the shimmer. You can also spray this on your sponge or beauty blender before applying foundation or concealer to help it set and give a more dewy look.


If you haven’t got this product, please go get it! I am so obsessed and I can’t see myself getting sick of this product because it does everything I want it to. The original product has a light fragrance to it, but it’s not a scent that will linger on your face. I particularly love the smell because it’s so refreshing! However, MAC is coming out with a limited edition range (it’s already released in the US, but is due to be released on Sept 21st in Australia). I cannot wait to get my hands on all of them, particularly the cucumber one!


(via Beautezine: Original, Rose, Lavender, Yuzu, Cucumber and Coconut)

So keep watching this space because I will post an update when I finally try it for myself!

Comment below if you love this product as much as I do and if you’ve tried one from the limited edition range! 

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  1. I was shown at Mac how to cover dark spots… ( they showed me the trick they use for tattoo hide) using this product…I first apply my base then concealer with a sponge..then spray…works amazing…I always get the best advise from the Mac counter..

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