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We both were having an awful day so we decided to treat ourselves with some Malaysian food. We headed to PapaRich to eat our favourite dishes just to make the night more enjoyable.

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For drinks we both got Lychee Soda’s. It was really refreshing! We could taste the sweetness from the lychee, and the slight sourness from the lime. It was rather sweet at first, however after you’ve finished your meal, the ice would’ve melted and it would have diluted it a bit more. This drink would taste really good if mixed with a shot or two of Cîroc vodka! We swear we are not alcoholics  😛

lychee soda

We ordered a Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin as a side dish to share. The chicken skin was really crunchy and went well with sweet chilli sauce as a dip. Though he found it quite sickening after having a few, he does recommends to share this snack with at least four people as the servings were quite big. She liked it so much she described it as ‘chips’. But he was right, it definitely was a large serving and we struggled to even eat half of it.

Deep fried chicken skin

He ordered the Roti Canai with Tandoori Chicken. Both of the dips were quite nice, however the servings were really small. The bread was nice and warm and quite moist. The chicken tasted quite average and was dry.

roti canai

She’s been to PappaRich four times and all four times, she’s ordered the seafood laska! The soup is nice and creamy, but it’s not too creamy that it’s sickening. There’s a good amount of prawns, in fact there was so much that she had to ask him to have some for her! Only thing about this dish is the eggplant, she normally is a huge fan of eggplant but she isn’t too fond of the eggplant in this dish, but not to worry, that’s what he’s there for and he’s always more than happy to eat it.



His and hers rating: 6.5/10

Comment below and tell us what is your favourite Malaysian dish. We love to hear from you guys!
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