First time shopping at Witchery Man

I just bought my first clothing from Witchery, and it was a great experience since I got my clothing at an incredible discount!

For readers who do not know this brand, Witchery is an Australian chain store specialising in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing along with shoes and accessories.

I always hear great reviews from women about this brand, saying how Witchery produces great quality clothing, and their design is sophisticated while stylish! So when I stumbled across a men’s store, I decided to go in and see what the praise was all about.

I was quite impressed with their selection of clothing. For the men’s selection, they were mainly casual wear.  What drew my attention was the Wysteria Print Shirt. The patterns creates a vintage feel, printed with a broken vine design. I never had these pattern shirts before so it was a great addition to my wardrobe!

Wysteria Print Shirt

As you can see from the picture, the Wysteria print shirt has button-down collar, so it is strictly for casual wear.

Dome Print Shirt

The second shirt I bought was the Dome Print Shirt. My girlfriend was the one who chose this shirt for me, and alike to the Wysteria Print Shirt, it also features a vintage-inspired print design.

Both of these button shirts original prices were $99.95 each but the sales came down to just only $29.95!!! The sales are still on so for those living out of Australia, you can purchase these shirts online! The link is

Overall I quite enjoyed shopping in Witchery. I will definitely shop here sometime in the future and will keep you guys updated on its incredible sales!

If you know any stores that sell similar style of clothing to Witchery, please comment below!

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