REVIEW: Milana Shoes

As mentioned in Shoes for SpringI was on a hunt for a new pair of shoes for the Spring season. I accidentally stumbled across a store that was selling Milana dress shoes so I took my time to see what shoes were on display.

milana shoes

I ended up buying a completely different shoe that I had planned previously. I was after a mid tan coloured dress shoe to lighten up my wardrobe for Spring, but I could not resist the temptation of purchasing this shoe at an incredible price! The Milana shoes that I purchased was a laced wingtip stitched toe shoe. What drew my attention to this shoe was its nice dark oaky colour and its smooth simplistic leather design. I can not wait to showcase my new shoes when I pair it with my navy business suit!

milana shoes2

As a person with flat feet it is quite hard to find a shoe that is comfortable. However when I tried on these shoes it hugged my feet quite nicely since the leather was nice and soft. Another upside with the Milana shoe was that the sole of the shoe was already coated with rubber, making it easier to walk on smooth slippery surfaces.

milana shoes3

The wingtip shoe was originally priced at $249 AUD but was reduced to roughly $150 AUD! The price was relatively cheap when it comes to genuine leather shoes as most branded shoes range from at least $300.

Overall I was very happy with my purchase so I decided to show you guys my latest addition to the shoe rack!

A question for you guys, what is your favourite type of dress shoes? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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