Suspenders Vs. Belt

Just like belts, suspenders are worn for the purpose of holding your pants up. For this reason, the two can never be worn together. As suspenders are less popular in today’s generation, this fashion blunder is quite common as some people wear suspenders as a fashion statement and are not understanding what its purpose is for.


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via Ben Sherman

idealistically, a male’s upper half should be broader than his waist, therefore he should wear pieces that help emphasise that shape. This is another reason why it’s a definite NO to wearing both suspenders and belts! It makes your waist look broader, resulting in a rectangular shaped body.

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via Tommy Hilfiger

Although suspenders are less common now, it does not mean that it is out of style. When wearing suspenders correctly, it can add sophistication while defining the traditional touch of class! However, never wear suspenders with belts as the professional world will notice this rookie mistake and may think less of you.

Is there any brands you can think of that makes nice suspenders and belts? If so, please comment below!

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