I was long due for a haircut, so I decided to go have a haircut in town. A friend of mine referred me to a barbershop called the Boys Club Barbershop, located at shop 141, Level 1, Adelaide Arcade. He had been hyping this place up, telling me I should check it out since they specialise in mens hairstyle. So here was my experience at BCB…

The barbershop had a real metro scene to it, which was pretty cool. One thing unique about this place was that they do not take bookings. I had to pretty much write my name down on a waiting list.


What really caught my attention was the message on the blackboard. It said, ‘ladies we ask that you leave your gentleman at the door as the boys club barbershop is the ‘boys’ club barbershop.’  I found it quite clever and the place actually felt like a boys club, with skateboards displayed on the walls, music blasting and sports on T.V.haircut

I got my sides shaved from a 1 and slowly blend to the top. The top part I got it trimmed, texturised and thinned out. I was not too happy with the service. It felt like he didn’t put much love and care when cutting my hair. Most of the time he was more focused on interacting with his coworkers than cutting my hair. However he did managed to do a good job so I was happy overall.

The haircut cost me $30, which is a fair price for mens haircut. There is no bookings available and the wait was roughly one hour. In general, I do recommend having a haircut here but do not expect great service.


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