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It was a nice sunny day and whats better to kick start the day with a nice brunch! We went through our check list of where to eat, and decided to venture to small cafe called Troppo. 

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Troppo’s menu is different depending on the day. Weekends they have a special menu, offering brunch all day. Weekdays, the only offer brunch to a certain time and after that their menu becomes more limited. We had actually gone to Troppo a while back on a weekday, but since we weren’t impressed with their lunch menu, we left and tried Bar 9 instead.


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She had the Full ‘o Beans, which basically was a dish which consisted of beans cooking in a little clay pot with poached eggs and sourdough toast. Every time she goes to brunch, she has a tendency to pick the one with beans. There’s just something about the combination of beans and toast that makes her mouth water. These beans were full of flavour, they were not sickening at all and had the perfect amount of salt that balanced out the toast. There were pieces of onion and crushed tomatoes to add that extra bit of flavour. Rocket also happens to be one of her favourites, and that helped add a bit of ‘crunch’ to the dish. The only thing about this dish that she didn’t enjoy as much were the eggs. She tends to get sick of eggs easily. Nevertheless, the eggs were poached perfectly!

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He had the Dukkah Eggs. The dish had soft-poached on a bowl of fresh greens with zesty tabouleh herbs, crumbled local goats cheese and an aromatic dukkah. The eggs were poached perfectly, as the egg yolk seeped out when splitting the egg. He found the dish to be very light and healthy. The serving was quite large so that was an instant approval for him. The only thing he would want more in the dish was the goat cheese. There wasn’t a lot of goat cheese in comparison to the fresh greens. The price of the Dukkah Eggs came down to $16, but next time he would pay extra to get some strips of bacon. But overall he was satisfied with it, and highly recommend this dish for ovo-lacto vegetarians.

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Troppo was a really enjoyable place to go to. It was relaxing as we were able to sit outdoors and soak in the sun while enjoying our food. It was definitely healthy and didn’t make us feel too heavy afterwards. We would definitely try out this place again, but maybe during the weekday as their brunch menu is a little different.

His and hers rating: 7/10

If you have any recommendations for places to eat in Adelaide then let us know below. We love to hear from you guys!
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