So a few weeks back, I did a Favourites post on my favourite setting spray, MAC Prep + Prime Fix +. I mentioned that Australia was due to launch the limited edition scents and here they are!


(Top (L-R): Coconut, Yuzu, Cucumber. Bottom (L-R): Original, Rose, Lavender)

They released five limited edition scents: Coconut, Yuzu, Cucumber, Rose and Lavender. I stood there for more than 30 minutes, trying to smell each one and trying to decide which ones to buy. I knew that the coconut one was not my favourite from the first spray. Don’t get me wrong, it smelt good, but I felt that if I was spraying this scent on my face every day, it felt kind of heavy. For that reason, I had to purchase the cucumber scent because that was the most refreshing scent there. It was so fresh, and really smelt like I had just covered my face in slices of cucumber.

I also purchased the Yuzu and Rose scent. I’m not usually a Rose fan, but this scent just smelt very feminine and it didn’t feel heavy like the coconut. As for Yuzu, I couldn’t quite understand what kind of smell it was but it had this nice fruity-like smell to it and was very subtle. A lot more subtle than the rest of the other scents. I didn’t purchase the Lavender because I’ve never been a Lavender fan, and the last thing I want is for my face to smell like Lavender.

3 sprays

(L to R: Yuzu, Cucumber and Rose)

These scents sold out so quick, literally within a week it was released! I was so devastated when I wasn’t able to purchase another few more cucumbers but I did manage to find one more in another state. Yes, it’s that good that I called every MAC store interstate to find more cucumber scents. If you missed out, then I still highly recommend you go and purchase the original because that one smells just as good and does the job!

HINT: The MAC sales assistant actually suggested that I put one in the fridge because it makes it even more refreshing to spray on the face.

Let me know what your favourite scent is out of the five released, or what you think would make a good scent for this spray! 

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