OzAsia Festival Adelaide

OzAsia sign

It’s been a while since Adelaide has been so lively and busy since the city usually sleeps by 9pm every night! But since OzAsia is here, there’s so many more places to go. For those who don’t know what OzAsia festival is, it’s literally just festivities dedicated to engaging with the Asian culture. There’s shows, night markets as well as a Moon Lantern Festival!

Moon Lantern Festival

We kicked off the festivities by going to the Moon Lantern Festival, which attracted a crowd of 50,000 people. It was a very kid friendly atmosphere with lots of families bringing rugs and fold out chairs, sitting by the River Torrens. There was food trucks, paddle boats, henna tents and lanterns for children. The whole area was surrounded by red lanterns which looked absolutely amazing at night. It truly was the most beautiful festival I’ve ever been to.


By 7pm, the real festivities started. There was a dragon lantern going across the bridge, followed by a parade of lanterns going through the crowd. He found the dragon very captivating as it looked very good from afar. It was so good seeing kids participating in the parade, definitely made the community feel more involved. In addition to hand-made lanterns, there were also large professional lanterns, which caught every child’s attention.


Large lanterns


And of course, it wouldn’t be a festival if it didn’t have a firework show! It’s rare to see fireworks in Adelaide and we were definitely pleased with the show. Her favourite part was when there was fireworks falling beneath the bridge. It truly was a beautiful sight!



Adelaide Night Noodle Markets


The next thing on our itinerary was the Adelaide Night Noodle Markets, a place where food trucks and stalls came together. There was all types of food including Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Japanese. The average price for a dish was $13 AUD which is more expensive than usual, but some dishes were absolutely worth it, particularly the Oz Special Yakisoba (bottom dish in photo below)!


We got a little peckish later on the night so grabbed some dried seasoned prawns. They were smaller than we thought they were going to be but nevertheless, it went down well with our beer!


For dessert, she had to have N2 gelato because usually we have to go all the way to Sydney or Melbourne for this gelato. It’s basically ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Cool right?


The atmosphere was very relaxed with a variety of genre of music playing. There was also live music playing in a section of the market which made the place a lot more lively and vibrant! The lanterns definitely set the asian festival vibe! The place also smelt amazing, from the smokey charcoaled barbecued meats to the fried noodle dishes.


Festivals like this is why we love our hometown Adelaide! We may be a small city but we definitely know how to host a fantastic festival! If you want to visit Adelaide, definitely come when OzAsia is on because this is the side of Adelaide you need to see! We guarantee you will fall in love with this city even more.

Keep watching this space because Asiafest is coming up right after OzAsia!

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