A gentleman and his navy blazer

navy blazer

Once you have owned a black fitted suit, and would like to expand your horizon with formal clothing, I strongly suggest investing in a nice navy/blue blazer!

So why choose a navy/blue blazer you ask? Just imagine that you are invited to an event where suits are considered too formal and sport coats are too casual. A navy/blue blazer will be perfect for such an occasion! It displays a sense of professionalism yet it does not fall into the category of an everyday office protocol.

Another great aspect of a navy/blue blazer is that it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a gentleman can have in his wardrobe.

navy blazer2

Navy/blue blazers can be worn all seasons. In autumn and winter, the blazer can be paired with nice grey flannel trousers, while in spring and summer, where the weather is more warm, the blazer can be matched with a light grey, or even white linens.

In general, the navy/blue blazer will never get old, as it is adaptable to many styles of shirts and pants. It will never go out of fashion and is a great investment for the long run!

Comment below on your opinions with navy/blue blazers, and let me know what else it could be paired with.



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