BLEU DE CHANEL (EAU DE PARFUM): Cologne/Fragrence For Men

The Bleu De Chanel (EAU DE PARFUM) is hands down my utmost favourite men’s fragrance! It was love at first smell!


I accidentally stumbled across this cologne when tagging along with my girlfriend at the Chanel store. I was quite bored waiting around for my girlfriend to decide what to buy, so I tested out the Eau De Parfum that was displayed on the shelf. The fragrance smelt amazing! I’m not much of a fragrance expert but for me personally, it had a really mature, musky and sexy smell to it, and a few people that I know seemed to love it also! Another upside to this fragrance is that it last a lot longer than any other cologne/fragrance that I have tried.


How a gentleman uses his Cologne/Fragrance

As mentioned before I may not be an expert on pinpointing the different aroma from the fragrance but I do know the unmentioned rule when it comes to a gentleman and his fragrance. A gentleman’s fragrance should seen as an intimate apparel. This means that when in a room, the general public should not be able to pick up on the smell. The scent should be instead saved for people whom comes to close physical contact. A pleasant, subtle smell for the people that matters.

A gentleman would not use his cologne as a substitute for deodorant. If an individual uses excess cologne, it leaves a strong uncomfortable smell, and also raises suspicion that the cologne was used to mask the body odour.

A simple way of detecting if oneself has used too much cologne, is to wait 15 minutes after applying, and if the owner can still smell his cologne it means that he is wearing too much. A quick way to dilute the smell is to give a quick scrub with soap and damp washcloth.

Overall, this men’s fragrance is definitely my favourite one so far. The smell is quite strong so I highly suggest to spray it from a far, and slowly walk into the spray. In my opinion one or two sprays is enough, if any more it loses its pleasant smell.

Have you tried this cologne before? What other fragrances you recommend me to try? Let me know by commenting below! I would love to hear from your feedback.

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