Kim Kardashian Highlight – Ben Nye Luxury Powders!

Judging by the title, I think you all know what this post is going to be about! The Ben Nye Powders in Banana and Cameo! It’s often known as the product used by the famous Kim Kardashian for highlighting and since there was so much hype about, I HAD to test it out for myself!


(Cameo and Banana)

Now can I just say, I AM OBSESSED! I used the technique called ‘baking’ or ‘cooking’ your makeup, which is also a technique Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist claims to use. This is a method where you use a sponge to pack on a generous amount of powder on the area you’d like to highlight, leave it for 5-10mins and then brush off the excess with a large brush. It allows the heat from your skin to set the powder to the foundation or concealer, leaving a light stain. I like to use Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer, which I’ve reviewed here, before I ‘bake’ or ‘cook’ the powder. You would’ve seen a photo of Kim K online where she has excess powder on her face, particularly under her eyes and under her contour. One thing I love about this powder is that it is super silky and lightweight, and leaves less creases than setting your makeup normally with a brush. Ever since I’ve used this powder, I’ve had many compliments of my face looking flawless.


(Cameo and Banana)

I purchased the Banana shade first, as my skin tone is golden medium and so a yellow tone would highlight better. I then decided to try Cameo, which is a lot lighter, almost like a creamy white. Both are very similar, but obviously Cameo is a little bit lighter and because of that, I use Cameo when I want a really dramatic highlight. However, I don’t use Cameo when I’m going somewhere with flash photography as sometimes it does cast a white shadow. Out of the two, Banana is hands down my favourite! It’s perfect for everyday as it highlights perfectly against my skin tone. If I were to purchase again, I’d only purchase Banana.

The price was also very affordable! For a dome jar (which is what I purchased), it retails for $18 AUD. It also comes in larger bottles, and the prices range from $24 AUD (42g) to $32 AUD (85g). It does come in another shade also called Rose Petal which is a pinky tone suitable for fair toned skin.

Overall, this product is definitely one of my favourite powders of all time and I will continue using it until I find a better product for ‘baking’ or ‘cooking’, which I highly doubt. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and my family and everyone has loved it! So if you’re after a glamorous highlight just like Kim Kardashian’s, definitely check out this powder because I guarantee you’ll love it!

Tell me what you think about these powders and what you think about the ‘baking/cooking’ method below! 

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