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Last Sunday was indeed another seedy Sunday for him, as he had a big night out with his boys. So we chose to have a big brunch at The Loose Caboose to start off our day!

Upon entering the cafe, we were seated on the benches facing the train stop. It wasn’t much of a great scene but we could not change our seating arrangements as it was really packed! Seeing the cafe being really busy was a very good sign, as we were starving and now had high expectations that the brunch would taste really good! She had been once before over a year ago and had a really good experience.

For beverages he ordered the Chai Latte and she got a pot of Green Tea. It was his first time trying a chai latte, and in all honesty he did not enjoy it at all. The blend of herbs and black tea made it taste similar to star anise and left a strong after taste. But since it was his first time trying it, he may possibly not have enjoyed it because it is an acquired taste. Hence it is not possible to critique the way the cafe made the beverage. On a good note, the texture of the latte was very smooth and silky, definitely made by the hands of a skilled barista.

For brunch, he grabbed the Crispy Skin Pork Belly, which consisted of crispy pork belly with pork hock and chorizo beans, poached egg and toasted sourdough. The skin of the pork belly was definitely crispy and the meat was nice and tender.The chorizo beans tasted great! The poach eggs were also cooked perfectly, with egg yolk oozing out when cut open with a fork. And you can’t really go wrong with toasted sour dough to go with it!


She had the Conductor’s Brunch which was a very hearty dish. It contained generous amounts of bacon, chorizo, mushroom, poached eggs, avocado and heirloom tomatoes accompanied with sour dough! There was a perfect amount of veggies to meat, and that’s what she liked best. She’s not much of a meat-eater and therefore the veggies were definitely a positive. Everything was cooked to perfection, and there wasn’t one thing that was bad about the dish. However, it could do with more tomatoes, but that’s just cause she’s a veggie lover!


We were really hungry so we also ordered a side of bowl of fries with tomato sauce, and my god it tasted amazing! In a weird way the side of fries was the highlight of our food. The skin was crunchy yet the insides was divinely soft! Unfortunately, we could tell that it was deep fried in generous amounts of oil, but after his big night out, this was definitely the best cure!


Overall we enjoyed our little visit to the Loose Caboose, the food was nice and the atmosphere was relaxing. If you ever go to this place we highly recommend trying the bowl of fries! Droolsss…

Oh and one more thing, your bill is handed to you in a children’s book called Loose Caboose, talk about being creative!

His and hers rating: 7/10

We love going out to brunch, so if you guys have any recommendation what type of brunch we should try then let us know below! We love to hear from you guys!

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