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It was finally the long weekend and the tradition in Adelaide is usually to visit Hahndorf. Hahndorf is a village that is very well-known for their German lifestyle and it’s also common knowledge that the German Arms makes the most authentic German food in Adelaide.


Since it was the long weekend, this restaurant was relatively busy and therefore the wait for our food was almost an hour! Good thing is, we got free garlic bread from the Chef. The garlic bread was sooo delicious and it was coated generously with butter, but we had to refrain ourselves from eating too much otherwise we’d get too full for our mains.


For mains we ordered the German Feast for Two which consisted of bockwurst, wiesswurst, kranskies, pork schnitzel, pork hock, sauerkraut, German potato salad and pretzels. Now.. first of all, it definitely wasn’t worth the one hour wait.

She couldn’t eat much of the dish except for the kranskies, sausages and salad. The pretzel was too tough for her and some of the meat on the leg was quite dry and chewy. The salads however, were very good! Germans definitely love their mustard as both salads had quite a tangy flavour to it. On top of that, there was even a side of just mustard seeds! Overall, she might’ve liked it more if it came out earlier and if the meat was hotter. Maybe it was just too busy that they couldn’t serve the meat fast enough and so it got cold.

This dish actually went quite well with beer, however to have it as a meal itself was too hearty and salty. He wouldn’t recommend to order this dish as a sole main dish. It would be more enjoyable as a side dish with a big group of friends, nibbling it away slowly while drinking a tasty German beer!

As a whole, we enjoyed our stay at Hahndorf due to its beautiful crafted German village, but for us, the food was subpar. Too much mustard, meat was average and the wait was ridiculously long! Nevertheless, we may have had a one off bad experience at the German Arms because of the immensely busy day at Hahndorf. We generally hear good reviews from this place, so don’t let our opinion phase you from giving this place a go!

His and hers rating: 5/10

What is your favourite German meal? Let us know by commenting below!
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