REVIEW: Mac Oval 6 and Linear 1 brushes

I recently went to America for a holiday and came back with a bunch of new products! Starting with these MAC brushes, I’ve seen these brushes in Adelaide for a while now but never got around purchasing them because they were way too overpriced. There are a lot of variations of this brush going around, particularly Artis brushes, which I believe were one of the first to release brushes like these.


(Linear 1 and Oval 6)

In Adelaide, the Oval 6 brush retails at $83 AUD. In America, I purchased this brush for only $42 USD, which is equivalent to $57 AUD. The Liner 1 brush retails at $48 AUD and I purchased it for $25 USD, which is $34 AUD. I could not believe how much cheaper MAC products were in America. There was also an Oval 3 brush which is smaller than the Oval 6 and is perfect for eyeshadow.

These brushes are not like your ordinary makeup brushes that one would be used to seeing. It almost resembles a cleaning utensil, one that would be used for cleaning basins etc. But don’t judge a book by its cover because this brush is amazing! The bristles give a very dense application, and also helps the product spread evenly.


Another thing I love about this product is that there is no wastage. The foundation spread all over my skin evenly and I was not worried about too much product going into the brush and not going on my face. The density of the brush also helps the foundation oxidate into the skin better, covering all pores. There is more control over the brush with the way it is constructed because you are placing the brush on the face at a different angle.

I really regret not purchasing the Oval 3 brush as that would’ve been perfect for applying concealer. The density of the brush would help the concealer mould into the skin, preventing any creasing. Looks like I’ll just have to pay that bit extra to get it in Adelaide since it’s that good! These brushes may be overpriced in some countries, but I definitely recommend it to everyone. There is more control over this brush compared to your ordinary makeup brushes and gives such a flawless look that you’ll want to use it for your contour and highlighting too!

Have you tried these brushes or anything similar? Let me know what you think! 

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