Our trip to Los Angeles

At the beginning of the year our group had the sudden urge to travel to the States for a holiday, with the main purpose of attending a three-night music festival known as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), located in Las Vegas. However we decided to make the most of our trip, travelling to multiple cities before ending our trip in sin city.

After a 14 hour flight from Australia, we finally landed in Los Angeles and this is where our trip began…

Boiling Crab

Boiling Crab

We seen so many youtube vloggers in the States eating seafood at a restaurant called Boiling Crab, so we decided to have a try and see how tasty it was.

They served seafood mixed with seasoning in a plastic bag. Here are some pictures of the fresh seafood we devoured.

Boiling Crab 1

Mmmm…crab claws!

Boiling Crab 2

Fresh Mussels! Can’t go wrong!

Boiling Crab 3

Crawfish was really tasty, especially mixed with Rajun Cajun flavour! Not enough meat though!

Boiling Crab 4

First time having a corn cob with prawns. No regrets!

Boiling Crab 5

… and sweet potato fries! Enough said.


There was no way we weren’t going to go to Disneyland in California. Finally our childhood dreams had come true!



Look at the excitement on that face!

Disneyland 3

In-N-Out Burger

Having seen numerous photos of In-N-Out burgers, and constant nights of drools and cravings, she finally had a taste of heaven.


It was hands down her most favourite burger joint!

Healthy Nut

Healthy Nut

It may look like your average salad, but this is the exact place the Kardashians go to get their salad fix everyday! Those who follow their reality tv show will know what I’m talking about.

Hollywood Boulevard

Of course we had to visit the famous Hollywood Boulevard.


Just casually getting interviewed for the Jimmy Kimmel Show…

jimmy kimmel

LA Galaxy

We were so excited to watch a MLS (Major League Soccer) game in the States, knowing that this is were some of the famous semi-retired soccer players come to play.

LA Galaxy

We booked the tickets in advanced at the StubHub Center, LA Galaxy vs. Sporting KC. We were really excited to go see Steven Gerrard play but sadly he did not turn up. Overall it was a disappointing match with an end score of 0-0.

LA Galaxy 1

Americans do love their cheese and chips! The pretzel/bread however was too salty and tasted like dough.

LA Galaxy 2

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Los Angeles. If you do get a chance to travel to L.A. we highly recommend visiting Disneyland. It was one of our most memorable experiences! Sorry we didn’t take many photos at Disneyland since we were too busy living our childhood dreams!

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