Sweaters for winter

One thing I love about chilly weathers is the chance to wear sweaters! Yes sweaters may seem quite common and boring to some, but with the right pants, shoes, shirt and accessories, all these factors can compliment on plain sweater turning it into a classy, neat and tidy look.

One thing that is great about sweaters is that there are many options in choosing what to wear on the inside. Sport shirts, dress shirts, polos and t-shirts can all be worn under the sweater depending on style of the sweater.

Image by Brooks Brothers

One of my most favourite brand of clothing are Brooks Brothers. They produce high standards of clothing and their fashion is very similar to their counterpart, Ralph Lauren. The brand aims at a more matured crowd nonetheless a younger crowd can surely pull it off.

Image by Brooks Brothers

One thing I love about Brooks Brothers is that they stay true to themselves in their clothing philosophy. They are not sheep’s who  follow the latest trend, rather they have quite a singular taste in fasion.

The retail assistants in Brooks Brothers are very well dressed and seem to know about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing an outfit. So I highly recommend you guys to visit their store and also ask them for fashion tips!

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