Our amazing time in San Francisco!

From Los Angeles we flew to San Francisco which was only a one and a half hour flight. San Francisco is definitely hands down our favourite city in the States. The city was a lot greener than Los Angeles and the air felt fresher too! One of our most memorable activities in San Fran was the bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and through the hills. Here are some snaps of our little adventure.

Bike Ride

Look at this creep…

Golden Gate Bridge

About to ride across the bridge…

Golden Gate Bridge 1

A photo of our bikes lined up!


We made it to the other side! It was an amazing experience riding through the clouds.

Golden Gate Bridge 2

The view while riding along the bridge.

San Fran 1

Golden Gate Bridge 3

We also went on the Alcatraz Tour. The Alcatraz prison was once home to America’s most notorious criminals. It is situated on a small island surrounded by sea.

Alcatraz 1

The view of the Alcatraz prison from the ferry.





This is where the guards used to live with their families. Yes, they live on this secluded island with the prisoners. Yikes!


We had headphones while taking the tour inside the prison. The MP3 device played noises of what the prison sounded like back then. It felt like we were experiencing what it was actually like in the past. The best part of this tour is that we learnt some of the most infamous criminals and how their day to day life is like in Alcatraz.


In the picture below, the hole underneath the sink is the actual escape route that one criminal used to flee the prison.


When the afternoon hits evening, the prison becomes a lot spookier!


Apart from all the scenery, we went out and tried some popular eateries that San Fran had to offer. One of the most memorable places was Boudin Sourdough, known for their clam chowder. We had to try the clam chowder in the US as it’s pretty much non-existent in our hometown Adelaide. At first he thought it would be too creamy and sickening, but it was lighter than he assumed and was packed with flavour!


That’s a quick recap of what we got up to and why we fell in love with this city! We definitely wouldn’t mind moving down here to live for a few years. If you guys are planning a holiday here we highly recommend bringing a pair of sneakers as there are a lot of steep slopes, or you could just buy a brand new pair of Nikes in their 6-storey Nike store!

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