A guide to footwear

“A gentleman knows that an ill-fitting shoes is always the wrong shoe, no matter what the occasion” – John Bridges & Bryan Curtis

via Tod’s

When purchasing shoes, do not view shoes as just expense but more so like an investment. Like watches, you should spend time and money when comes to selecting shoes. Generally, the more you pay the better the quality of the shoe, resulting in a longer lasting shoe.When buying expensive shoes, you are typically paying for the brand name, together with its quality craftsmanship.



Image by Salvatore Ferragamo


Image by Salvatore Ferragamo


Image by Armani

Monk strap

Image by Magnanni
Image by Magnanni

Tassel Slip-On

Image by Brooks Brothers

Cap-Toe Oxford

Image by Brooks Brothers


Image by Hugo Boss
With different types of business suits, comes different types of shoes. For more information, please read Matching Dress Shoes With Suits
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