Spring is here!

Spring is here! The flower plants will bloom adding beauty to the environment. A bright sun will radiate from the sky making the days longer and warmer .

The nature and atmosphere just feels more positive! What’s not to love about Spring?
With a bright festive season comes with a cheerful fashion!

I am not telling you to go crazy and wear clothes with bright fluorescent colours, but I am merely stating to wear colours that are subtle yet makes you look vibrant.

Unlike women, many men tend to stick in their comfort zone when it comes to fashion. I suggest men not to limit themselves and go explore their horizon. But remember, the rule is to keep it simple and neat.

One thing I like but haven’t seen much are men in white slim fitted chinos. Yes it may sound frightening for us men to try on something that bright in colour, but with the right button shirt and shoes, it can make us men look like gentlemen. The pictures below can provide somewhat a guide on what to wear with white chinos.

via Ralph Lauren

via Brooks Brothers
via Brooks Brothers

Shoes do play a massive part when it comes to clothing, and as you can see from the pictures above, they do not depict what kind of shoes matches with the chinos. In my next blog I will talk about The Fitting Shoe where I will discuss how a gentleman selects his footwear in according to his outfit.

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