A guide to men’s dress shirt collar

If a gentleman is thick-set, he avoids spread collars.” -John Bridges & Bryan Curtis

Spread Collar

A large necktie knot will suit very well with the spread collar, as the distance between each point of collar is relatively longer than other collars. The distance between the two points is known to be ‘spread’, hence the name given for this particular style. This style looks best on men with a thin angular face structure as the horizontal spread of the collar balances out with the vertical lines of the face.


Picture taken from The Suits Of James Bond

Cutaway Collar

The spread of the cutaway collar is even more further apart than the spread collar. The name literally comes from the term of someone ‘cutting away’ the collar. Since it has a large spread, a very large neck knot tie is needed. This style more suits glamorous red carpet kind of events. For normal office environments, it is best to stear away from this style. This style goes really well with a long and thin face shape as it helps make the face looks wider.

Picture taken from Paul Frederick


Point Collar

The only difference between the point collar and the spread collar is the shorter distance between the two collar points. This design best suits men with a wider face shape as it help makes the face appear longer.


Button-down Collar

Button-down collar is my favourite style created by Brooks Brothers. The name speaks for itself, a dress shirt collar that is buttoned down.

Picture taken from GQ

Club Collar

The club collar has pointed collars rounded giving it a more relaxed, less formal look. This style can be worn with or without ties. If worn with ties, it is best matched with a slim tie.

Picture taken from Suitably Inclined


Semi-spread Collar

A semi-spread collar has a shorter spread than the typical spread collar. The design best suits a medium-size necktie knot. Men with a round face shape should go for the semi-spread collar as it helps visually lengthens the face.



Basically when choosing a button shirt, a gentleman should choose his shirt carefully based on the event or occasion, and choose the spread based on the shape of his face.

Question: What other types of collars can you think of? Please leave a comment below as I would love to know!


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