Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Many of you would know that this palette has been in high-demand for quite some time. I live in Australia, so I wasn’t able to get it sooner, but last month Sephora Australia offered it online, hallelujah!

I come from an Asian background, and so these colours are so easy to work with on my skin-tone. There’s a mixture of neutral colours, which are perfect for transition shades, and there are also quite a few bold colours. If any of you follow Desi Perkins on Youtube, you would know that at one point, she loved using Red Ochre as a transition shade. One thing I love most about this palette is that all the colours work so well together. There isn’t any shade that appears to be out of the ordinary.

As for the pigment, well… I was literally blown away! I couldn’t believe how much product I was picking up, and how well it was applying on my eyelid. A little bit definitely does a long way. I didn’t feel the need to constantly dip my brush in the palette or swirl it around to coat the brush, I only had to dip my brush in once and that was enough product.

(L: natural sunlight, R: with flash)

The palette retails for $42 USD on the ABH website, which is equivalent to approximately $57 AUD. Unfortunately, the palette retails in Australia for $75 AUD, but since I was a student, I received 10% off, making it $67.50 AUD. I don’t believe $75 AUD is overly expensive for a palette.

As for the packaging, the palette comes in a velvet-suede finish, similar to the packaging of the Urban Decay’s  first Naked palette. The downside to this packaging is that, any mark or stain will be almost impossible to get off so remember to touch the palette with clean hands!

Would I recommend this palette? Heck yes! Despite being a bit pricier in Australia than it is in the United States, it’s most definitely worth it! From the colour palette to the pigment, this palette is worth every penny.

I will be posting up a few looks I created with this palette so keep an eye out 😀

Let me know if you would purchase this palette, and if you have, what you think of it! 

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