Spring is here!

Spring is here! The flower plants will bloom adding beauty to the environment. A bright sun will radiate from the sky making the days longer and warmer .

The nature and atmosphere just feels more positive! What’s not to love about Spring?
With a bright festive season comes with a cheerful fashion!

I am not telling you to go crazy and wear clothes with bright fluorescent colours, but I am merely stating to wear colours that are subtle yet makes you look vibrant.

Unlike women, many men tend to stick in their comfort zone when it comes to fashion. I suggest men not to limit themselves and go explore their horizon. But remember, the rule is to keep it simple and neat.

One thing I like but haven’t seen much are men in white slim fitted chinos. Yes it may sound frightening for us men to try on something that bright in colour, but with the right button shirt and shoes, it can make us men look like gentlemen. The pictures below can provide somewhat a guide on what to wear with white chinos.

via Ralph Lauren

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A gentleman and his cell phone

“Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.”- Theodore Roosevelt

It is true that in our modern society, cell phones can be of a necessity than a want. Life revolves around telecommunications. With the uprise of technology it is often hard for this generation to understand how to be etiquette in todays world.

One thing all gentleman hold true is that a gentleman knows how to make others feel comfortable. With that in mind, when having company, a gentleman should not be on his cell phone.

A gentleman understands that continuous use of his mobile phone indicates that he values his conversation on the phone far more than his company at hand.

Via calibreaustralia
A gentleman knows that it is appropriate for him to use his cell phone…
  • If he is alone
  • if he is certain that his conversation will not disturb or annoy others
  • if he is a doctor, receiving a call from his answering service or from his office
  • if he is a father, expecting a report from his children or from their babysitter
  • if he is at a raucous event such as a football game, where his shouting will only add to the general uproar
  • if it is truly necessary for him to bring another person into the conversation at a business meeting, at that very moment
  • if he truly believes there is a chance that an emergency is in the offing 

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Sweaters for winter

One thing I love about chilly weathers is the chance to wear sweaters! Yes sweaters may seem quite common and boring to some, but with the right pants, shoes, shirt and accessories, all these factors can compliment on plain sweater turning it into a classy, neat and tidy look.

One thing that is great about sweaters is that there are many options in choosing what to wear on the inside. Sport shirts, dress shirts, polos and t-shirts can all be worn under the sweater depending on style of the sweater.

Image by Brooks Brothers

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Matching dress shoes with suits

A man can buy the most expensive suit, but with the wrong shoes it will not bring the suit to justice! Believe it or not shoes may be one of the most important aspect when it comes to a gentleman’s attire. A gentleman should value his shoes as his shrine.

There is nothing worse than a man entering a job interview or to a special event with scuffed shoes. it is crucial for a gentleman to make his best impression.

If you’re suiting up for a special event or considering buying a new pair of shoes, I suggest you to refer to this simple guide below.

A gentleman chooses his footwear as depicted:


via Hardy Amies

Pair with: Black lace-ups or slip-ons
Do not pair with: Brown or burgundy shoes

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Keeping it simple

“A gentleman knows that the latest style often is not the greatest style. it may, in fact, have no style at all.” -John Bridges & Bryan Curtis

As a youth who knows all the latest fashion trend uprising in today’s world, I realised that most fashion trend tends to fade out rather quickly; sometimes staying in the market at most for a year.

However some clothing styles never really dies out.  Most of these long lasting styles have something very similar to one another. It’s their simplicity!

Image by Ralph Lauren

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘less is more’? I too believe this when it comes to how a gentleman gets dressed up. You can pull off the classy and charming look whilst maintaing a quite simplistic style.