A guide to men’s dress shirt collar

If a gentleman is thick-set, he avoids spread collars.” -John Bridges & Bryan Curtis

Spread Collar

A large necktie knot will suit very well with the spread collar, as the distance between each point of collar is relatively longer than other collars. The distance between the two points is known to be ‘spread’, hence the name given for this particular style. This style looks best on men with a thin angular face structure as the horizontal spread of the collar balances out with the vertical lines of the face.


Picture taken from The Suits Of James Bond

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REVIEW: Morphe – The Little Palette by Elena Gant

Hello again! I’m back with another review and this time it’s on some palettes that I recently purchased from Morphe! I’ve been hearing so many good things about Morphe palettes and brushes for so long but I’ve never got around to purchasing any products. Finally, I saw Nikkietutorials snapchat these amazing swatches and I knew I just had to try it out for myself.

I bought two paletttes from The Little Palette range by Elena Gant. There were five palettes in this range but I only purchased two: Coffee Toffee and Copper Popper.


(Above: Copper Popper)


(Above: Coffee Toffee)

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Our amazing time in San Francisco!

From Los Angeles we flew to San Francisco which was only a one and a half hour flight. San Francisco is definitely hands down our favourite city in the States. The city was a lot greener than Los Angeles and the air felt fresher too! One of our most memorable activities in San Fran was the bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and through the hills. Here are some snaps of our little adventure.

Bike Ride

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Our trip to Los Angeles

At the beginning of the year our group had the sudden urge to travel to the States for a holiday, with the main purpose of attending a three-night music festival known as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), located in Las Vegas. However we decided to make the most of our trip, travelling to multiple cities before ending our trip in sin city.

After a 14 hour flight from Australia, we finally landed in Los Angeles and this is where our trip began…

Boiling Crab

Boiling Crab

We seen so many youtube vloggers in the States eating seafood at a restaurant called Boiling Crab, so we decided to have a try and see how tasty it was.

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REVIEW: Mac Oval 6 and Linear 1 brushes

I recently went to America for a holiday and came back with a bunch of new products! Starting with these MAC brushes, I’ve seen these brushes in Adelaide for a while now but never got around purchasing them because they were way too overpriced. There are a lot of variations of this brush going around, particularly Artis brushes, which I believe were one of the first to release brushes like these.


(Linear 1 and Oval 6)

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