A guide to men’s dress shirt collar

If a gentleman is thick-set, he avoids spread collars.” -John Bridges & Bryan Curtis

Spread Collar

A large necktie knot will suit very well with the spread collar, as the distance between each point of collar is relatively longer than other collars. The distance between the two points is known to be ‘spread’, hence the name given for this particular style. This style looks best on men with a thin angular face structure as the horizontal spread of the collar balances out with the vertical lines of the face.


Picture taken from The Suits Of James Bond

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Spring is here!

Spring is here! The flower plants will bloom adding beauty to the environment. A bright sun will radiate from the sky making the days longer and warmer .

The nature and atmosphere just feels more positive! What’s not to love about Spring?
With a bright festive season comes with a cheerful fashion!

I am not telling you to go crazy and wear clothes with bright fluorescent colours, but I am merely stating to wear colours that are subtle yet makes you look vibrant.

Unlike women, many men tend to stick in their comfort zone when it comes to fashion. I suggest men not to limit themselves and go explore their horizon. But remember, the rule is to keep it simple and neat.

One thing I like but haven’t seen much are men in white slim fitted chinos. Yes it may sound frightening for us men to try on something that bright in colour, but with the right button shirt and shoes, it can make us men look like gentlemen. The pictures below can provide somewhat a guide on what to wear with white chinos.

via Ralph Lauren

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A gentleman and his cell phone

“Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.”- Theodore Roosevelt

It is true that in our modern society, cell phones can be of a necessity than a want. Life revolves around telecommunications. With the uprise of technology it is often hard for this generation to understand how to be etiquette in todays world.

One thing all gentleman hold true is that a gentleman knows how to make others feel comfortable. With that in mind, when having company, a gentleman should not be on his cell phone.

A gentleman understands that continuous use of his mobile phone indicates that he values his conversation on the phone far more than his company at hand.

Via calibreaustralia
A gentleman knows that it is appropriate for him to use his cell phone…
  • If he is alone
  • if he is certain that his conversation will not disturb or annoy others
  • if he is a doctor, receiving a call from his answering service or from his office
  • if he is a father, expecting a report from his children or from their babysitter
  • if he is at a raucous event such as a football game, where his shouting will only add to the general uproar
  • if it is truly necessary for him to bring another person into the conversation at a business meeting, at that very moment
  • if he truly believes there is a chance that an emergency is in the offing 

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Sweaters for winter

One thing I love about chilly weathers is the chance to wear sweaters! Yes sweaters may seem quite common and boring to some, but with the right pants, shoes, shirt and accessories, all these factors can compliment on plain sweater turning it into a classy, neat and tidy look.

One thing that is great about sweaters is that there are many options in choosing what to wear on the inside. Sport shirts, dress shirts, polos and t-shirts can all be worn under the sweater depending on style of the sweater.

Image by Brooks Brothers

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A gentleman and his navy blazer

navy blazer

Once you have owned a black fitted suit, and would like to expand your horizon with formal clothing, I strongly suggest investing in a nice navy/blue blazer!

So why choose a navy/blue blazer you ask? Just imagine that you are invited to an event where suits are considered too formal and sport coats are too casual. A navy/blue blazer will be perfect for such an occasion! It displays a sense of professionalism yet it does not fall into the category of an everyday office protocol.

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First time shopping at Witchery Man

I just bought my first clothing from Witchery, and it was a great experience since I got my clothing at an incredible discount!

For readers who do not know this brand, Witchery is an Australian chain store specialising in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing along with shoes and accessories.

I always hear great reviews from women about this brand, saying how Witchery produces great quality clothing, and their design is sophisticated while stylish! So when I stumbled across a men’s store, I decided to go in and see what the praise was all about.

I was quite impressed with their selection of clothing. For the men’s selection, they were mainly casual wear.  What drew my attention was the Wysteria Print Shirt. The patterns creates a vintage feel, printed with a broken vine design. I never had these pattern shirts before so it was a great addition to my wardrobe!

Wysteria Print Shirt

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