REVIEW: Mac Oval 6 and Linear 1 brushes

I recently went to America for a holiday and came back with a bunch of new products! Starting with these MAC brushes, I’ve seen these brushes in Adelaide for a while now but never got around purchasing them because they were way too overpriced. There are a lot of variations of this brush going around, particularly Artis brushes, which I believe were one of the first to release brushes like these.


(Linear 1 and Oval 6)

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A gentleman and his navy blazer

navy blazer

Once you have owned a black fitted suit, and would like to expand your horizon with formal clothing, I strongly suggest investing in a nice navy/blue blazer!

So why choose a navy/blue blazer you ask? Just imagine that you are invited to an event where suits are considered too formal and sport coats are too casual. A navy/blue blazer will be perfect for such an occasion! It displays a sense of professionalism yet it does not fall into the category of an everyday office protocol.

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